Conversion of an Atomic Fermi Gas to a Long-Lived Molecular Bose Gas

Kevin E. Strecker, Guthrie B. Partridge, Randall G. Hulet
2003 Physical Review Letters  
We have converted an ultracold Fermi gas of ^6Li atoms into an ultracold gas of ^6Li_2 molecules by adiabatic passage through a Feshbach resonance. Approximately 1.5 × 10^5 molecules in the least-bound, v = 38, vibrational level of the X^1 Σ ^+_g singlet state are produced with an efficiency of 50 of up to 1 s before we dissociate them by a reverse adiabatic sweep.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.91.080406 pmid:14525229 fatcat:snjoahawcraitjrnk3k3kwjosi