Scientific Analysis of Slags and Furnace Wall collected from Iron Production Site at Suryong-ri Wonmorongi in Chungju
충주 수룡리 원모롱이 야철지 수습 철재 및 노벽의 과학적 분석

Hyun-Kyung Cho, Nam-Chul Cho, Dai Ill Kang
2013 Journal of Conservation Science  
This study focused on iron making related information through analyzing slags and furnace wall collected from iron production site of Suryong-ri Wonmorongi, Chungju. Total Fe content of slags were from 36.98% to 44.47% and this range was general recovery rate of iron in ancient. Compounds of calcium included slags was supposed to add intentionally during smelting process as deoxidation agent in order that these helped to separate iron from impurities. Furnace wall didn't make of high alumina
more » ... y because of low Al2O3. Microstructure and main components of slags show that No. 1 to 3 slags with fayalite and wustite were products of iron ore smelting. However, No.4 slag is more likely to smelt by iron sand because of ulvospinel with TiO2 in No. 4 slag. Therefore, iron ore were not only used but iron sand in smelting and furnace wall made of general clay with low Al2O3 content in this area.
doi:10.12654/jcs.2013.29.2.05 fatcat:ucjl7z7mxrhafkhc5szcqmbejm