Evaluation of analytical methodology for cyclopiazonic acid in corn and peanuts

2003 JSM Mycotoxins  
The method for determination of CPA using silica solid phase extraction was evaluated in this study. This method failed to remove interferences from corn and peanut samples. Both CPA and interferences were affected in the same way by ZnSO4 in the mobile phase during HPLC analysis. Modifications were done on the HPLC conditions in order to separate CPA from interferences, but were unsuccessful. CPA determination without using toxic solvents such as chloroform was investigated. A clean-up
more » ... A clean-up procedure consisting of diethyl ether liquid-liquid extraction was effective in removing interferences.
doi:10.2520/myco1975.2003.suppl3_309 fatcat:ylj76tjklnemflwz2cnjikbtzy