Ideologi Argumen-Argumen Keagamaan Tradisi Lingkaran Hidup dalam Kitab Kuning

Iswahyudi Iswahyudi, Udin Safala
2019 Islamica: Jurnal Studi Keislaman  
This article will show that the implementation of the Javanese Islamic tradition in the form of the ritual of the life cycle (life circle) is the implementation of the ideology of Sh?fi'? developed by his followers (as}h{?b). The ideology was then known as the ideology of as}h}?b al-sh?fi'?yah. The ritual of the life in the form of a birth ritual (metu), marriage (manten) and death (mati) has been mentioned in the classic Islamic book (kitab kuning). Allegations that Javanese Islam as syncretic
more » ... Islam as syncretic Islam and the adoption of Hindu and Buddhist traditions are wrong. The ritual of the life circle as shown in this article is emerging from within Islam itself as an embodiment of the interpretation of Islamic doctrine. The reseacher gets this conclusion after doing a research of various classic Islamic books that explain the ritual of the life circle. To find out the conclusion, the reseacher used the ideological criticism of Pierre F. Bourdieu. This article, therefore, rejects the views of outsiders such as Geertz, Beatty and Mulder, who explain that the ritual of Javanese Muslim is impure doctrine of Islam.
doi:10.15642/islamica.2018.13.1.1-24 fatcat:bsz64bdfp5g5dafi2sdsucudiq