Understanding bamboo flowering based on large-scale analysis of expressed sequence tags

X.C. Lin, T.Y. Chow, H.H. Chen, C.C. Liu, S.J. Chou, B.L. Huang, C.I. Kuo, C.K. Wen, L.C. Huang, W. Fang
2010 Genetics and Molecular Research  
Unlike other plants, bamboo (Bambusoideae) flowering is an elusive physiological phenomena, because it is unpredictable, longperiodic, gregarious, and uncontrollable; also, bamboo plants usually die after flowering. The flowering mechanism in Arabidopsis thaliana, a eudicot model species, is well established, but it remains unknown in bamboo species. We found 4470 and 3878 expressed sequence tags in the flower bud and vegetative shoot cDNA libraries, respectively, of the bamboo species, Bambusa
more » ... oo species, Bambusa oldhamii. Different genes were found expressed in bamboo flower buds compared to vegetative shoots, based on the Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences functional categorization; flowering-related genes were also identified in this species. We also identified Arabidopsis flowering-specific homologs
doi:10.4238/vol9-2gmr804 pmid:20568053 fatcat:5o75z7xopvchvbvu5gpt7pltw4