Multivariate Control Chart for the Detection of MAC Layer Misbehavior in Mobile ad Hoc Networks

Mohammed-Alamine El Houssaini, Abdessadek Aaroud, Ali El Hore, Jalel Ben-Othman
2016 Procedia Computer Science  
The share nature of the transmission channel in IEEE 802.11 makes the network vulnerable to several attacks like the MAC layer misbehavior which can be similar to denial of service attack. In this way cheating node by choosing smaller backoff timer attempts to increase its resources at the expense to other stations which respect the protocol. In this paper, we suggest a novel detection scheme of such attack using a multivariate control chart currently exist in industrial management with a large
more » ... success. Our proposed strategy comes to replace the univariate Shewhart control chart which already exists in the literature research for the detection of greedy nodes, because it reduces the number of control chart. As we will prove by NS-2 simulations, the proposed mechanism doesn't require any modification to the 802.11 standard, it works in real time and very easy in implementation though it appears somewhat complicated because of the computation of the mean and the covariance matrix in the absence of the MAC layer misbehavior attack.
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2016.04.099 fatcat:f6wjuhr6g5guhlpgghqikb7b54