Exploring Language, Media As A Vessel For Social Mobilization And National Integration

Clement Ijeoma Dikenwosi, Sophina Ijeoma2 Dimejesi
2018 Zenodo  
The mainstay of a nation and its political system is the presence of virile communication and information institutions championed by a responsive media. This paper is an excursion into the role of language as a catalyst for social mobilisation and national integration. This paper acknowledges the peculiarities of the pluralistic nature of Nigerian language and the demand they make on effective communication. To a positive extent, the effectiveness of any language is a function of how much it is
more » ... n of how much it is able to carry the masses along with the happenings in the society. This lays emphasis on matters of information, persuation as well as public relations; and without doubt, language forms focus here. With languages like English, Pidgin and to a reasonable extent local languages performing needed functions in the society, and especially through the mass media, social mobilisation becomes a success. The paper also views the media as a fertile ground where languages could be planted in order to produce the necessary information, persuation and public relations that can motivate and mobilise the people to the positive direction.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1478589 fatcat:nzph2g4xafayvkvyghz2d7im4m