Efficiency Evaluation of Adsorbents for the Removal of VOC and NO2in an Underground Subway Station

Youn-Suk Son, Young-Hoon Kang, Sang-Gwi Chung, Hyun-Ju Park, Jo-Chun Kim
2011 Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment  
Adsorbent combination studies have been carried out to remove nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs: BTEX) out of a subway environment characterized by high flow and low concentration. Optimal conditions for the high removal efficiency of the concerned target compounds were obtained through testing a series of control factors such as adsorbent sorts, thicknesses, and superficial velocity. It was found that the efficiencies increased as the specific surface area of
more » ... ed carbon and its thickness increased, and external void fraction decreased. Furthermore, mixed activated carbon with granular and constructed contents was extensively tested to reduce pressure drop through the carbon bed. It was found that the performance of higher contents of granular activated carbon was better than that of higher contents of the constructed carbon. When the mixed carbon was applied to the subway ventilation system in order to eliminate NO 2 and VOC simultaneously, the removal efficiencies were found to be 75% and 85%, respectively.
doi:10.5572/ajae.2011.5.2.113 fatcat:ixsihnzhlvcklpffzpsobukp3i