Particulars of the steamers galveston and opelousas

1857 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
Chim. et de Phys., Sept., 1856), after recalling the well established fact, that a cold solution of sugar gradually changes froal cane sugar to grape sugar, and showing that this is the ease even when the juice remains in the vegetable, and that hence, a very notable proportion of sugar is lost in manufacture, proposes to remedy this evil by adding to the expressed juices rather more than half the weight of the contained sugar, of slacked lime in powder. His experiments on a small scale, and
more » ... application of his method by manufacturers of beet sugar, seem to establish the applicability of his process, which may be of great value to the owners of our sugar plantations.
doi:10.1016/s0016-0032(57)90668-3 fatcat:3ylhygp6dnbgxikrktj77qm5ye