Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme in Knowledge on Play Therpy among Mothers of Hospitalized Children

2017 American Research Journal of Nursing  
The play is an integral part of the hospitalized children. It is a pleasurable and enjoyable aspect of child's life, and it is also an essential for their growth and development. Play is any activity that has no serious motive and no material gain. Play helps in various developmental activities such as physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development. Aim: The aim of the study is evaluate the effectiveness of planned teaching programme in knowledge on play therapy among mothers
more » ... hospitalized children. Objectives : To assess the level of knowledge on play therapy among mothers of hospitalized children, and to evaluate the effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme at the level of Knowledge on play therapy among mothers of hospitalized children, and to find out the association between the level of knowledge with the selected demographic variables. Methodology: The research approach used in the study was quantitative approachby using pre-experimental one group pretest and posttest research design. The study was conducted at selected hospitals in Najran region in Saudi Arabia with 100 sample size. The samples were selected by using purposive sampling technique. The tool used for the data collection was demographic variables, self administered questionnaire, and Planned Teaching Programme. Data was analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics through SPSS statistical package. Results: In Pre-test out of 100 samples (13%) had adequate Knowledge (22%) had Moderate Knowledge, while (65%) had inadequate knowledge. In Post-test, out of 100 samples (78%) had adequate Knowledge, (14%) had Moderate Knowledge, and (8%) had adequate knowledge. The pretest mean value was 7.2.with 1.66 standard deviations respectively the posttest mean value was 17.6with 1.94 standard deviations. Paired-t-test reveals that there was a highly significant improvement in the knowledge level among mothers of hospitalized children, hence the Planned Teaching Programme was more effective at the level of p<0.05. Chi-square test reveals that there was no significant association with the level of Knowledge and demographic variables at the level of p<0.05
doi:10.21694/2379-2922.17010 fatcat:6oie6vufwbbyjklbkxp7k7ixaa