Propagation of Electrostatic Solitary Wave Structures in Dense Astrophysical Plasma: Effects of Relativistic Drifts & Relativistic Degeneracy Pressure

Swarniv Chandra
2016 Advances in Astrophysics  
Analytical and numerical studies are presented for electron acoustic solitary wave structure in relativistic degenerate two-component unmagnetized astrophysical plasma. The existence of a wave mode of pure quantum origin is predicted. The effect of various plasma parameters on the conditions of existence and properties of solitary wave is investigated. It is shown that depending on the values of plasma parameters both rarefactive and compressive type of solitons can exist. It is observed that
more » ... e amplitude and width of the solitons are significantly affected by the quantum and relativistic effects. The relativistic effects arising out of streaming motion is treated by Eulerean formulation whereas the relativistic degeneracy effects is investigated by making use of Chandrasekhar formula.
doi:10.22606/adap.2016.13005 fatcat:c7b2mtdwgngmdihgfs3p6kxrri