Maximizing the Output Power of Wind-Driven Grid-Connected Cage Induction Generator through Pole Control

M. A. Abdel-Halim M. A. Abdel-Halim
2018 journal of King Abdulaziz University Engineering Sciences  
In this research, a cage induction generator has been linked to the grid and driven with a wind-turbine to generate electrical power. The cage generator has been used in place of the costly slip-ring generator. The performance characteristics of the cage induction generator have been ameliorated through changing its number of poles to comply with the level of the wind speed to maximize the mechanical power extracted from the wind. Pole changing has been achieved employing pole-amplitude
more » ... e-amplitude modulation technique resulting in three sets of pole numbers. The results proved the feasibility and effectiveness of the suggested method, as the proposed technique led to driving the generator, and consequently the wind-turbine at speeds close or equal to those satisfying the optimum tip-speed ratio which corresponds to the point of maximum mechanical power.
doi:10.4197/eng.29-2.3 fatcat:xr72jqgxmrg4pj75raqhhmfqcm