Change of Impact by the Early Extension in during a Golf Driver Swing
골프 드라이버 스윙 시 Early Extension에 따른 임팩트 변화

Jae-Moo So, Yong-Seok Kim, Jae-Jung Kim, Kwang-Soo Yoo
2010 Korean Journal of Sport Biomechanics  
The purpose of this study is to validate that change of impact by the Early Extension in during a golf driver swing. 13 golf players who were diagnosed with symptoms of Early Extension participated in a proactive corrective training programs that took place 3 times a week for a 4 month period. Data was collected by recording 5 pre and 5 post training driver swings and analyzing the data to calculate the change in velocity and its effect in the shot used the TRACK MAN. After the training, the
more » ... nges of early extension were -0.21 cm in backswing section E2(take away), -0.64 cm in E3(halfway backswing), and -0.94 cm in E4(backswing top). The downswing section changes were -1.34 cm in event E5(halfway downswing), -1.74 cm in E6(impact). Impact force increased and thus club speed increased by 6.32 km/h, ball speed increased by 10.94 km/h, max height decreased by -6.22 m, carry increased by 10.85 m, carry side(left deviation) decreased by 4.84 m, flight time by increased by 0.4 sec, and total length increased by 17.96 m while landing angle decreased by -7.74 deg.
doi:10.5103/kjsb.2010.20.1.083 fatcat:43g3j742sver7d3a7mgrlqxlcu