The M/G/1+G queue revisited

Onno Boxma, David Perry, Wolfgang Stadje
2011 Queueing systems  
We consider an M/G/1 queue with the following form of customer impatience: an arriving customer balks or reneges when its virtual waiting time, i.e., the amount of work seen upon arrival, is larger than a certain random patience time. We consider the number of customers in the system, the maximum workload during a busy period, and the length of a busy period. We also briefly treat the analogous model in which any customer enters the system and leaves at the end of his patience time or at the
more » ... of his virtual sojourn time, whichever occurs first.
doi:10.1007/s11134-010-9205-y fatcat:ojzdzy6lw5frtc5zybsakosxri