Automated Processing of Subcontractor Work Performance Data to Improve the Quality Control and Support the Subcontractor Selection Process

Tatjana Vilutiene
2008 ISARC 2008 - Proceedings from the 25th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction   unpublished
The paper presents the research aimed to find the way for efficient monitoring and control of subcontractor performance in large construction projects. As a result the procedure for recording and processing the nonconformities is proposed. Procedure consists of the following stages: the identification of nonconformity (defect, work performed is at variance with project, the requirements of work or environment safety are violated, etc.); construction manager or engineer fills the nonconformity
more » ... port for subcontractor; engineer puts the information about the nonconformity in the register were it is automatically processing and visualizing in form of tables and diagrams. For processing the data the classifier of nonconformities for register was proposed. According to classifier the nonconformities are sorting by the following attributes: 1) nonconformity to quality requirements; 2) nonconformity to requirements of work safety; 3) nonconformity to requirements of environment safety. Each of these groups has the subgroups for classifying, which let to gain the more precise information about the nature of nonconformity. Information of register is regular, up to date and useful for different company activities involved in construction process. For example, procurement department could use this information in subcontractor prequalification and selection process for further construction projects, construction managers could organize the monitoring of subcontractors works more effectively, for the information in register gives the awareness of how frequently and what kind of nonconformities are usually done by subcontractors.
doi:10.22260/isarc2008/0075 fatcat:2vckyzg6avanzno3ptoi6wx3ti