Publish and be read? A review of the usage of Loughborough University Library publications

Ruth Stubbings, Paul Reynolds, Frank Parry
In 2000 Loughborough University Library reviewed its publications and redesigned their look, feel and content. The following year the Library asked its customers for feedback on the new publications and its web pages. This article describes the development of the library publications, the survey of customer attitudes and outlines future plans. Introduction In 1996 Loughborough University introduced a corporate style for all University publications including brochures, leaflets, posters and
more » ... s, posters and stationery. In response to this, the Library reviewed its own publications and developed a series of twelve leaflets. These aimed to describe Library services to the borrowers. Topics covered included borrowing from the Library, electronic information, photocopying, copyright and the Library regulations, see Figure 1 for a complete list. The Library also had a Self-guided tour leaflet that stood outside the series, that was updated every year.