Architectural (Physio)therapy: A Dynamic Healing Process [thesis]

Olivia Ferguson-Losier
Rehabilitation facilities are not providing patients with appropriate environments for physical healing. By isolating physical therapy to a room, these spaces do little to promote movement, invigorate the senses, and assist patients with their recovery . The connective system of rehabilitation facilities, such as corridors or hallways, could allow physical therapy to expand through the building and provide patients with interactive and dynamic sessions. This thesis will investigate the idea of
more » ... esigning for physical rehabilitation by examining theories of healing spaces in order to achieve complete well-being. These theories will be used in conjunction with the gradual process of healing through mobility and exercise in order to design the circulation system of a physical rehabilitation centre, based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. ABSTRACT i ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This thesis could not have been completed without the help of many: To my advisor, Federica Goffi, for her support, guidance and clarity over the past eight months. To the numerous physiotherapists I spoke to, for their patience, cooperation and expertise in the profession.
doi:10.22215/etd/2015-10868 fatcat:57u2wqkkybaexhbyryxoqzeade