Geometric control of failure behavior in perforated sheets

Michelle M. Driscoll
2014 Physical Review E  
Adding perforations to a continuum sheet allows new modes of deformation, and thus modifies its elastic behavior. The failure behavior of such a perforated sheet is explored, using a model experimental system: a material containing a one-dimensional array of rectangular holes. In this model system, a transition in failure mode occurs as the spacing and aspect ratio of the holes are varied: rapid failure via a running crack is completely replaced by quasi-static failure which proceeds via the
more » ... aking of struts at random positions in the array of holes. I demonstrate that this transition can be connected to the loss of stress enhancement which occurs as the material geometry is modified.
doi:10.1103/physreve.90.062404 pmid:25615109 fatcat:vetrk4xkafdqjmpef7lb2qqquq