Evolution Theory as a Conceptual Revolution in Our View of the World

Julio Muñoz Rubio, Diego Méndez Granados
2015 INTERdisciplina  
<p class="p1">W<span class="s1">e are </span><span class="s2">w</span><span class="s1">itnessing </span>a period in the study of evolution that tends to break the hegemony of neo-Darwinian thinking that during many decades — from the forties of the previous century — dominated the field of evolution solidly and almost unanimously.We are facing a slow but constant accumulation of evidence and theoretical proposals that refute many central concepts of neo-Darwinism...</p>
doi:10.22201/ceiich.24485705e.2015.5.47614 fatcat:fwqthwneune53hzsi54lkbm4c4