Thermal Transport in a Luttinger Liquid

C. L. Kane, Matthew P. A. Fisher
1996 Physical Review Letters  
We study thermal transport in a one-dimensional (1d) interacting electron gas, employing the Luttinger liquid model. Both thermal conductance and thermopower are analyzed for a pure 1d gas and with impurities. The universal ratio of electrical to thermal conductance in a Fermi-liquid - the Wiedeman-Franz law - is modified, whereas the thermopower is still linear in temperature. For a single impurity the Lorenz number is given by $L(T \rightarrow 0) = 3L_0/(2g+g^2)$ - with $L_0$ the Fermi liquid
more » ... 0$ the Fermi liquid value - and the conductance $1/2 < g < 1$. For $g<1/2$ the Lorenz number {\it diverges} as $T \rightarrow 0$. Possible relevance to thermal transport in conducting polymer systems is discussed.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.76.3192 pmid:10060898 fatcat:rgewq3i6x5bjfexp5kfk74r6pi