"Some Mendelian results in animal breeding"

C. B. Davenport
1904 Experimental biology and medicine  
Bell's records that the offspring of two black sheep are (probably always) black, although one or more of the grandparents were white. It looks as if black color (like albinism) might be recessive. Among canary birds it is found that of the offspring of crested and of plain headed birds, some are crested and some are not. Poultry have been studied because of the numerous characters they exhibit. When a Japanese long-tailed, clean-legged cock was crossed on a white bantam hen, the two surviving
more » ... the two surviving offspring were highly colored like the father and had abundant feathers on the legs like the mother. 7 (53). '6 On the decomposition products of epinephrin " : JOHN J. &EL and R. DE M. TAVEAU. (Presented by WILLIAM J. GIES.) The empirical formula, C"H"NO,.~H,O, adopted by Abel for that member of the epinephrin series which he has called epinephrin hydrate (the adrenalin of Takamine) is, at present, the subject of an acute controversy. The authors have been engaged in a repetition of the analytic work on which Abel based the above formula for epinephrin hydrate. In view of the suggestion of Abderhalden and Bergell that this substance should be prepared in a way that avoids oxidation by the air, the authors have undertaken the laborious task of preparing and purifying it in an atmosphere of hydrogen. The results of their work in this direction will soon be published. The authors emphasized the fact that the aH,O of their empirical formula has always been regarded by them to be water of constitution, and not water of crystallization as their opponents have taken for granted. The assumption that this +H,O, so easily removable by high heat and by various acids, is water of constitution necessitates doubling the present empirical formula, a pro-DAVENPORT.
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