[Paper] Diminished Reality for AR Marker Hiding Based on Image Inpainting with Reflection of Luminance Changes

Norihiko Kawai, Masayoshi Yamasaki, Tomokazu Sato, Naokazu Yokoya
2013 ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications  
This paper proposes a new diminished reality technique which removes AR markers from a user's view image. In order to achieve natural marker hiding, three factors should be considered; (1) naturalness of texture generated on a marker area. (2) geometric consistency between consecutive frames, (3) photometric consistency between a marker area and its surrounding. In this study, assuming that an area around a marker is locally planar, the marker area in the first frame image is inpainted using
more » ... rectified image to achieve high-quality inpainting. The unique inpainted texture is overlaid on the marker region in subsequent frames according to camera pose for temporal geometric consistency. Global and local luminance changes around the marker are reflected to the inpainted texture for photometric consistency. (1) Naturalness of generated texture Siltanen 8) generates a texture on a marker area by determining each pixel value in the marker area from several pixel values of specific positions around the marker. This method can generate textures very fast. However, it is difficult to generate natural and complex 343
doi:10.3169/mta.1.343 fatcat:gnlszeoqa5g6tnan6ocljj6tuy