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1995 Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine  
V^' y '.A.*^V-w>: y-w 50mg once daily LUSTRAL sertraline T a k i n g c a r e of d e p r e s s e d p a t i e n t s Abbreviated Prescribing Information: L U S T R A L (sertraline) Indications: Treatment of symptoms of depressive illness. Prevention of relapse or recurrence of depressive episodes. Dosage: LUSTRAL should be given as a single daily dose with food. The initial dose is SOmg and the usual therapeutic dose is 50mg or lOOmg daily. Dosage can be further increased, if appropriate, to 150mg
more » ... propriate, to 150mg or a maximum of 200mg daily. Patients should be maintained on the lowest effective dose. Use in children: Not recommended. Use i n t h e elderly: Usual adult dose. Contra-indkations: Sensitivity to LUSTRAL. Hepatic insufficiency.unstable epilepsy andconvulsant disorders, pregnancy and lactation. Do not use with, or within two weeks of ending treatment with. M AOI's. At least 7 days should elapse before starting any M AOI following discontinuation of LUSTRAL. Precautions, Warnings: Renal insufficiency, ECT, epilepsy, driving, LUSTRAL should not be administered with benzodiazepines or other tranquillizers in patients who drive or operate machinery. The patient should be monitored for signs of suicide or mania. LUSTRAL has not been observed to produce dependence. D r u g Interactions: Administer with caution in combination with other centrally active medication {e.g. lithium, tryptophan). Although LUSTRAL has been shown to have no adverse interaction with alcohol, concomitant use with alcohol is not recommended. The potential for LUSTRAL to interact with other highly protein bound drugs should be borne in mind. The potential of LUSTRAL to interact with e.g. propranolol andphenytoin has not been fully assessed. Side*Effects: Dry mouth, nausea, diarrhoea/loose stools, ejaculatory delay, tremor.increasedsweatinganddyspepsia. Legal Category: SI A. PackageQuanthJes: 50mgtablet{PA 19/46/4) Calendar pack of 28; lOOmg tablet (PA 19/46/5) Calendar pack of 28. References: I. ReimherrFWeta/.yanPs/c/Marrl990;5l(l2Suppl.B): 18-27.2. CohnCKeta/./Wd: 28-33.3.Doogan DP&CaillardV.Sr/ft/cA/arr 1992; 140: 217-222.4. DooganDP./ntOnPsychopharmaeol 1991; 4(Suppl. 2): 47-56.
doi:10.1017/s0790966700001932 fatcat:b4alfh25wne6ji27pthwhuzq7u