Performance Evaluation of Two Multidatabase Transaction Management Algorithms

Yuri Breitbart, Abraham Silberschatz
1993 Computing Systems  
A multidatabase system (MDBS) is an integrated collection of local database systems (DBMSs) that allows users to access and manipulate data distributed among the DBMSs. In this paper, we analyze the performance of two concurrency control algorithms that ensure global serializability. The first algorithm imposes no restrictions on the structure of the concurrency control mechanisms used by local DBMSs, except that transactions' execution order must coincide with their serialization order. The
more » ... ond algorithm requires each local DBMS to use the strict two phase locking protocol. The performance results presented here demonstrate that regardless of the algorithm, the concurrent processing of global transactions always outperforms the serial execution of these transactions. The first algorithm may cause a significant number of global transaction rollbacks, as compared to the second algorithm. rüe show that for the second algorithm, the number of global transaction rollbacks is quite small for reasonable multiprogramming levels, and that the mul-@ Computing Systems, Vol. 6 . No. 3 . Summer 1993 245 tidatabase transaction management system performs almost as well as a distributed homogeneous database system.T
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