A general synthesis of phosphaalkenes at zirconium with liberation of phosphaformamides

Andrew J. Roering, L. Taylor Elrod, Justin K. Pagano, Sarah L. Guillot, Stephanie M. Chan, Joseph M. Tanski, Rory Waterman
2013 Dalton Transactions  
Variable temperature data for 7. Figure S-1. Variable-temperature 1 H NMR study of 7, with selected temperatures displayed. Temperature: a = 318 K, b = 298 K, c = 278 K, d = 258 K, e = 238 K, f = 228 K, g = 218 K, h = 208 K. At temperatures below 208 K the peaks appear distorted possibly due to solubility issues. The two peaks coalesce at 318 K to a single doublet. Electronic Supplementary Material (ESI) for Dalton Transactions This journal is
doi:10.1039/c2dt32322b pmid:23117289 fatcat:inbmool55nenrjotjukbdlp2fy