The Perception of Intelligent Packaging Innovation: The Latest Process and Technological Progress [chapter]

Erika Loučanová, Ján Parobek, Martina Nosáľová
2022 Food Preservation and Packaging - Recent Process and Technological Advancements [Working Title]  
As a result of global change and progress in recent decades, the approach to utilizing product packaging materials has changed. Subsequently, innovative packaging is the result of creative thinking beyond the usual thinking framework. A complete understanding of the customer's needs is an indispensable requirement for the ability to develop packaging with optimized performance. The study deals with the perception of intelligent and active packaging by respondents in Slovakia. The approach of
more » ... o model was applied for the study of customers' attitudes to the individual functions of active and intelligent packaging. Firstly, the requirements of the packaging functions among the monitored age categories were identified. Subsequently, the innovation status within the individual age categories was evaluated. Thereafter, a 3D simulation was used to figure out the resultant perception of intelligent and active packaging functions in Slovakia. Based on the research results, we can conclude that the awareness of customers in Slovakia about intelligent packaging innovations is at a low level and is oriented towards a weak green strategy.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.107461 fatcat:uciv5zrl3zghpm2a74ovfykjf4