Chinese Immigrants' use of Human Services During the Transition to Parenthood

Ksenia Svechnikova
The purpose of this study was to explore Chinese immigrants' experiences with human services during the transition to parenthood. The data were generated through three rounds of individual interviews with six Chinese immigrant couples. Latent content analysis was used to identify primary patterns in the types and prevalence of services used by participants, their reasons for using human services, and the quality of their experiences with the services. The findings indicate that participants
more » ... only used (a wide range of) health care services, while social services were not commonly used. When participants sought help from human services, it was mostly for their infants' health-related issues. Overall, participants' experiences with human services were positive. Services seemed to meet participants' needs, providers were perceived as pleasant to interact with and most were easy to access. Finally, a language barrier to services was not a common experience for participants. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am indebted to my supervisor, Dr Deanna Williamson, for her continuous support with my thesis research. Dr Williamson was always very enthusiastic about my work, which was a great motivation booster. Under her supervision, I enjoyed the freedom to explore, on the one hand, and being given guidance when I needed it, on the other hand. Her suggestions regarding conceptualizing my findings and organizing them in the manuscript were invaluable. I very much appreciate the efficiency with which Dr Williamson provided her high quality feedback to me.
doi:10.7939/r3w41p fatcat:dozystmsqjfqdeetvcddzbfl3e