Determinants of Consumer Impulsive Purchasing Behaviour in Medium-Large Shopping Malls in Ghana

Amos Arthur, Isaac Owusu, Ernest Denkyi Boateng
2020 Open Journal of Business and Management  
This research examines the determinants of consumer impulsive purchasing behaviour of Ghanaian shoppers. Churchill's and Peter's [1] conceptual model was adapted and modified as the study proposed model to verify empirical data. A sample size of 129 out of 180 was obtained from Ghanaian shoppers at medium shopping malls located in Accra and Kumasi cities in February, 2019 using a survey method. Data analysis was performed using AMOS in Statistical Packages for Social Sciences' (SPSS) software.
more » ... orrelational and multiple regression analysis was used to determine the relationship and the impact between consumer's impulsive purchasing behaviour and five factors influencing consumer urge to purchase. The results showed a significant impact of the impulsive purchasing behaviour among three out of five variables used. The results findings support the assertion that store atmosphere, sales persons and sales promotion influence consumer impulsive purchasing behavior. The findings have significant marketing implication and highlight the need for business owners, financial institutions and marketers to exploit and improve marketing strategies in creating brand trust that the product and services offer. Recent studies indicate that every consumer, at least in a point their life-time had made an impulse purchase [2] [3] . As a result, impulsive buying behaviour How to cite this paper
doi:10.4236/ojbm.2020.82024 fatcat:eo7c53z6r5bcrf35xuy23zjszu