Robust selective image encryption and decryption based on key controlled matrix

Pooja Shekar C C, Mrs Prabavathi, Asst Professor
2015 IJISET-International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology   unpublished
A proficient but a simple image compression selective encryption hybrid algorithm to realize compression and encryption simultaneously, where the key is easily circulated, stored or memorized. In this method, DWT is adopted as the fundamental base and combined with Dabuaeshies technique for image encryption. The main essence of the suggested scheme is here the given input image is decomposed into 4 blocks to compress and encrypt, then by using random matrices the pixels of the two adjacent
more » ... s are randomly interchanged. This decomposition is done upto the third level to ensure high level of security of image, which becomes serious problem for hackers to get the secret data. By using the circulant matrices, compressive sensing measurement matrices are constructed and with the help of logistic map the original row vectors of the circulant matrices can be controlled. The random pixel generator is used for exchanging of adjacent pixels. And the resulting image increases the key space. At last, a suitable decryption method is suggested to form original image from the encrypted image. Analysis and experimental results indicates that the suggested method can succeed many goal of selective encryption and is reckoning safe with good compression performance.