Spectroscopy results from BaBar

Elisabetta Prencipe
2011 Proceedings of The Xth Nicola Cabibbo International Conference on Heavy Quarks and Leptons — PoS(HQL 2010)   unpublished
This paper intends to briefly summarize the recent results in Spectroscopy, published by the BABAR Collaboration. The BABAR experiment was a B-factory, at SLAC, where asymmetric energy beams of electron-positron were accelerated and collided at the energy in the center of mass of ϒ(4S). In 9 years of data taking BABAR collected 433 fb −1 equivalent luminosity on-peak-data at the ϒ(4S) energy, 30 fb −1 data at the ϒ(3S) energy, 15 fb −1 data at the ϒ(2S) energy, and a scan about ϒ(4S) was done,
more » ... ollecting 25 pb −1 every 5 MeV. Thanks to the high luminosity achieved, it is possible to perform high precision measurements, and spectroscopy studies. An update on the measurement of the X(3872) using the entire available dataset will be given, and the new results on the decay X(3872) → J/ψω are shown. A short overview of the results on X, Y particle studies from B decays at BABAR is given. Recent preliminary results on the D states are summarized: precise measurements of mass and width are provided in this case. As conclusion, new analysis on bottomonium decays are presented.
doi:10.22323/1.128.0008 fatcat:jczaortuu5ajxe7pskwcozq5dy