Interactive Translation of Conversational Speech [chapter]

Alex Waibel
1999 Computational Models of Speech Pattern Processing  
We present JANUS-II, a large scale system effort aimed at interactive spoken language translation. JANUS-II now accepts spontaneous conversational speech in a limited domain in English, German or Spanish and produces output in German, English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. The challenges of coarticulated, disfluent, ill-formed speech are manifold, and have required advances in acoustic modeling, dictionary learning, language modeling, semantic parsing and generation, to achieve acceptable
more » ... mance. A semantic "interlingua" that represents the intended meaning of an input sentence, facilitates the generation of culturally and contextually appropriate translation in the presence of irrelevant or erroneous information. Application of statistical, contextual, prosodic and discourse constraints permits a progressively narrowing search for the most plausible interpretation of an utterance. During translation, JANUS-II produces paraphrases that are used for interactive correction of translation errors. Beyond our continuing efforts to improve robustness and accuracy, we have also begun to study possible forms of deployment. Several system prototypes have been implemented to explore translation needs in different settings: speech translation in one-on-one video conferencing, as portable mobile interpreter, or as passive simultaneous conversation translator. We will discuss their usability and performance.
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-60087-6_33 fatcat:n5bh5t72ujewhmaco5cahxbgkq