A Integrated Dedicated Outdoor Air System to Optimize Energy Saving

Yew Khoy Chuah, Jun Jie Yang
2020 Sustainability  
Outdoor air supply is required to maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ). For tropical or subtropical regions, warm and humid outdoor air would cause excess air-conditioning energy use. This study has proposed an integrated dedicated outdoor air system (IDOAS), which integrates the enthalpy exchange and outdoor air cooling into a unitary system. IDOAS could operate independently of central air-conditioning systems thus saving tremendous piping cost and energy needed to deliver chilled water to
more » ... utdoor air unit in a conventional centralized system. An experimental unit of IDOAS was built to prove this novel concept. Enthalpy exchange efficiency was tested to be about 44%. The test results show that about 44% of energy needed to condition the outdoor air can be saved. A reverse Rankine refrigeration cycle was integrated to cool the outdoor air. Due to this integrated configuration, the air passing through the condenser would be at a lower temperature. The consequent lower refrigerant condensing temperature would improve the cooling cycle efficiency. The cooling coefficient of performance (COP) was improved by about 46%. In addition, the outdoor air could be conditioned to a lower humidity before being supplied to space, which would improve the thermal comfort. The test results of this novel IDOAS show that it could provide good air quality at lower energy use.
doi:10.3390/su12031051 fatcat:7seyfocsevbftl6k5pvziqr75u