Japanese Reactions to Chinese Tourists : A Perspective on the Reinvention of Value(New Trends of Tourism/Migration in Japan and Beyond)

2009 Japanese review of cultural anthropology  
This paper examlnes Chinese tourism in Japan through a case study of the resort of Atami and focuses on two maln groups: Asian touFists and Iocal culture brokers. The reinventlon of value will a]so be assessed with respect to political, commercial, and cultural factors. From a political vievvpoint, this paper explores how exchange based on a political-cuitural framework consists in the formation of a human network that takes into account Iocal government-level invitatLons to Chinese customers.
more » ... Chinese customers. The perspective on commercial and cultural aspects demonstrates how Atami has been able to become part of the tourist trade Package tours and history are referred to in this context in terms of how new meanings have been created and rearranged according to a tourist-oriented geographica[ image or based on the resources available to re[nforce value and reformulate attitudes.
doi:10.14890/jrca.10.0_53 fatcat:mwgsy6c7j5aq5ee2imzxpk4p7y