Comparison of biomechanical properties between post penetrating keratoplasty and deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty inkeratoconus patients using ocular response analyser

Research Article, Nawaz, Sofi Ia, Prafulla Maharana, Shaveta, Shah Nawaz, Ishfaq Sofi, Prafulla Maharana
Corneal biomechanics have been studied over recent years. The Ocular Response Analyser (ORA) is the first simple device able to measure the biomechanical properties of the cornea. Deepanterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) is considered an alternativeprocedure to penetrating keratoplasty(PK)in advanced keratoconus patients that leaves the host corneal endothelium and Descemet's membrane intact. This provides theadvantage of an absence of potential corneal endothelial rejection.The aim of the
more » ... y was to compare the biomechanics between the two keratoplasty techniques.Method: This prospective comparative study included 150 eyes of150 patients.Patients were divided into 3 groups.50 eyes with no previous surgery (Group1), 50 eyes of post PK (Group2) and 50 eyes of post DALK (Group 3) in advanced keratoconus patients were included in the study.Corneal Hysteresis (CH), corneal resistance factor (CRF), Goldmann-correlated intraocular pressure (IOPg)and corneal compensated intraocular pressure (IOPcc) was measured using Reichert ocular response analyser at 1 year follow up.