Tristability of a semiconductor laser due to time-delayed optical feedback

A. Loose, B. K. Goswami, H.-J. Wünsche, F. Henneberger
2009 Physical Review E  
We present an experimental and theoretical study of multistability of a single-mode laser subject to feedback through phase tuning and amplifier sections integrated on the same chip. Closely above threshold, a regime of tristability of continuous-wave ͑CW͒ states is found for multiple ranges of amplifier and phase currents. The separation between the tristable wavelengths agrees with the channel spacing of dense wavelength multiplexing in the C band of optical communication making the device
more » ... aking the device interesting for ternary logic applications. Complementary theoretical investigations in the framework of the paradigmatic Lang-Kobayashi model provide a consistent understanding of the experimental findings and additionally yield an analytic formula expressing the maximum number of coexisting stable CW states by the linewidth-enhancement factor ␣. Tristability belongs to the ␣ range from 5 to 8 in good agreement with experiment.
doi:10.1103/physreve.79.036211 pmid:19392039 fatcat:5jmfw6oje5gkvgx2iamtrt4wmu