A synopsis of the mammalian fauna of the Philippine Islands / Lawrence R. Heaney ... [et al.] [book]

Lawrence R. Heaney
1998 unpublished
The mammalian fauna of the Philippine Islands is now known to include 201 species: 22 are marine mammals, 172 are native terrestrial mammals, and 7 are introduced, non-native species that occur in the wild. With 1 1 1 (64%) of the terrestrial native species as endemics, the archipelago has one of the highest per-area levels of endemism in the world, on the basis of both absolute numbers and percentage. Since the last checklist was published, in 1987, 16 new species have been discoveredcurrently
more » ... discoveredcurrently one of the highest rates of discovery in the world (Morell, 1996) ; 14 of the species listed here are not yet formally described. For each species, we provide the citation for the original description (except when the species has yet to be formally described), the English common name, the documented distribution, a summary of habitat data, and an assessment of conservation status. At least 52 native species are threatened (many seriously endangered) as a result of destruction of forest habitats, over-hunting, and destruction of cave and marine ecosystems. Further basic research and implementation of effective habitat protection programs, especially for the forests, are essential to protect this remarkably diverse and endangered fauna.
doi:10.5962/bhl.title.3419 fatcat:fjrzlprgrzbhlkrhj5ckgqsyge