Application of L1 reconstruction of sparse signals to ambiguity resolution in radar

Fahad Shaban, Mark A. Richards
2013 2013 IEEE Radar Conference (RadarCon13)  
A novel approach for range-Doppler ambiguity resolution in pulse Doppler radars is presented. The new technique makes use of the sparse measurement structure of the post-detection data in multiple pulse repetition frequency radars and the resulting L 0 /L 1 equivalence. The ambiguity resolution problem is cast as a linear system of equations which is solved for the unique sparse solution. Numerical results show that the ambiguities can be effectively resolved even with the number of
more » ... mber of measurements much less than the number of unknowns. The proposed technique reduces the number of PRFs required to resolve multiple targets in some cases compared to conventional techniques.
doi:10.1109/radar.2013.6585980 fatcat:oi4mpk7yljekbl46ma7q7u4u7i