Multi-Antenna Joint Radar and Communications: Precoder Optimization and Weighted Sum-Rate vs Probing Power Tradeoff

Chengcheng Xu, Bruno Clerckx, Jianyun Zhang
2020 IEEE Access  
In order to further exploit the potential of joint multi-antenna radar-communication (RadCom) system, we propose two transmission techniques respectively based on separated and shared antenna deployments. Both techniques are designed to maximize the weighted sum rate (WSR) and the probing power at target's location under average power constraints at the antennas such that the system can simultaneously communicate with downlink users and detect the target within the same frequency band. Based on
more » ... a Weighted Minimized Mean Square Errors (WMMSE) method, the separated deployment transmission is designed via semidefinite programming (SDP) while the shared deployment problem is solved by majorization-minimization (MM) algorithm. Numerical results show that the shared deployment outperforms the separated deployment in radar beamforming. The tradeoffs between WSR and probing power at target are compared among both proposed transmissions and two practically simpler dual-function implementations i.e., time division and frequency division. Results show that although the separated deployment enables spectrum sharing, it experiences a performance loss compared with frequency division, while the shared deployment outperforms both and surpasses time division in certain conditions.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3025156 fatcat:ozky26jm4fggjmeerjl4zvqpky