Zeylanidium as Pollution Indicators: Live Sensors to Water Parameters

Thara K. Simon, Veena Mathew, S. L. Sreekala
2018 OALib  
Podostemaceae family is well known as a group of aquatic angiosperms with enigmatic characters. The present work was performed to trace ecological aspects, phenology, water analysis and phylogenetic analysis of the genus Zeylanidium, in order to establish the uniqueness of the species in the fresh water habitats S-1 (9.9559˚N, 76.8339˚E) and S-2 (10.0538˚N, 76.8294˚E). Through water analysis it is revealed that the species of plants could be used as an indicator of pollution as they are present
more » ... in very sensitive area of running fresh water. The phenology of the taxa understudy paved light to the co-existence of Zeylanidium maheshwari and Zeylanidium lichenoides. The data on comparison of molecular and phylogenic tree reveal that the species are highly related genetically for a sustainable coexistence.
doi:10.4236/oalib.1104518 fatcat:4nukurwhbjg4xiv7u3k55vsgra