Design of Compact and Broadband Quasi-Yagi Antenna Using Balance Analysis of the Balun
발룬의 평형도 해석을 이용한 소형화된 광대역 Quasi-Yagi 안테나 설계

Dong Sik Woo, In-Bok Kim, Young-Gon Kim, Kang Wook Kim
2013 The Journal of Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science  
발룬을 적용하여 최종 설계한 안테나는 6.9~15.1 GHz(74.5 %)의 넓은 주파수 대역폭을 가졌고, 이득은 3.7~5.5 dBi, 10 dB 이상의 전후방비, 그리고 방사 효율은 전 대역에서 평균적으로 94 %의 우수 한 특성을 가졌다. Abstract In this paper, a compact, broadband quasi-Yagi antenna utilizing balance analysis of the ultra-wideband microstrip-to-coplanar stripline(MS-to-CPS) balun is proposed. The antenna size was reduced by removing the reflector on bottom layer and ground plane is used as a reflector. A planar balun that transforms from microstrip(MS) to balanced coplanar
more » ... ipline(CPS) is characterized in the amplitude and phase imbalances at CPS output ports are investigated and discussed. As compared with the conventional balun, the proposed MS-to-CPS balun demonstrated very wideband performance from 7 to over 20 GHz. From the simulation study, amplitude and phase imbalances are within 1 dB and ±5°, respectively. The implemented antenna provides very wide bandwidth from 6.9 to 15.1 GHz(74.5 %). The gain of the antenna is from 3.7 to 5.5 dBi, the front-to-back ratio is more than 10 dB, and the nominal radiation efficiency is about 94 %.
doi:10.5515/kjkiees.2013.24.1.27 fatcat:ooqgdwtce5ep5psoqlivsbqqgu