Numerical Analysis of Aerodynamics Characteristics of Two Dimensional Airfoil Section with Elastic Flap
탄성 플랩을 갖는 2차원 날개 단면 공력 특성 전산해석

Chang-Hee Won, Joo-Yong Lee, Sungsu Lee
2014 Transactions of the KSME C Industrial Technology and Innovation  
This study presents computational analysis of aerodynamic characteristics of two-dimensional airfoil sections with elastic flap attached at the trailing edge. EDISON_CFD was utilized to simulate the incompressible turbulent flow around the foil and MIDAS_IT was employed to estimate the deflection of the flap under the pressure loading. Using iterative procedure, the terminal deflection was estimated and the resulting lift-drag ratio indicates that the favorable effect of the flap is expected
more » ... hin certain amount of angle of attack. § 이 논문은 제5회 전국 대학생 유체공학 경진대회
doi:10.3795/ksme-c.2014.2.1.039 fatcat:ukrdblqqj5dwzp4s3jhhqctcne