О перспективах нейрокибернетического («сильного») искусственного интеллекта в банковской деятельности

Sergey G. Pavlikov, Head of the Department of Legal Regulation of Economic Operations of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (Financial University) LL.D., Professor
2020 Banking law  
In the article "artificial intelligence" (AI) is considered as a multi-element system; in its composition, the author identifies objects of industrial property and, first of all, the neurocomputer interface, which in the future can become a "thinking", "strong" component of this system. It is proved that the fact of using industrial property in a credit institution is not identical to the use of AI in it (an answering machine and a computer that is supplemented with data by an operator can
more » ... y be called a "robot", as well as a program that processes information faster than a person to open a Bank account, etc.). in this context, promising directions are described; so, if at the beginning of 2021, as the top managers of Sberbank claim, its Neurocomputers will be able to independently make decisions on issuing small loans without further approval by the Bank's employees on the basis of a combined analysis of the client's biometric data, credit history, income and expenses, then it will be possible to state the Genesis of the formation of a «strong» AI in banking.
doi:10.18572/1812-3945-2020-5-33-38 fatcat:kgsbjnsfxff7vbhevflkrigbmy