IJSRST151331 | Employment and Unemployment Scenario of Jammu and Kashmir

Aasif Hussain, Nengroo
© 2015 IJSRST | Volume 1 | Issue 3 | Print ABSTRACT The unemployment problem in the State of Jammu and Kashmir has reached alarming dimensions which is ever increasing every passing year with thousands of educated and uneducated youth getting added to the list of unemployment largely due to economic distress and mismatch. In a latest survey released by Labour Bureau under Union Ministry of Labour and Employment, Jammu and Kashmir State has emerged as having highest unemployment rate in Northern
more » ... nt rate in Northern India. So on the bases of secondary sources the present paper tries to analyse the situation of employment and unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir. We found unlike structural transformation theory, occupational pattern of the J&K State have shifted from Primary sector to Services Sector, without undergoing the development of the Secondary sector. Also our results show that the problem of Unemployment is more prevalent amongst females in the State of J&K.