Removal of an Extensive Nasal Polyp in a Standing Horse, Using a Direct Approach to the Nasal Cavity Through a Bone Flap

Cristian Mihăiță CRECAN, Iancu MORAR, Mirela Alexandra RUS, Marian TAULESCU, Liviu OANA, Cosmin Petru PEȘTEAN
2021 Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca: Veterinary Medicine  
Nasal polyps are not very common in horses, comprising of just about 2,5 % of equine sinonasal disease (Tremaine and Dixon, 2001). However, nasal polyps can develop into extensive masses, obstructing partially or totally air flow thus giving dramatic clinical presentations. The aim of this report was to present a surgical technique used to successfully remove a massive nasal polyp in a standing mare. A 9 year old mixed-breed mare was referred to the equine teaching hospital of the Faculty of
more » ... f the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Cluj –Napoca for the evaluation of an extensive, unilateral nasal mass. Upon inspection, a cauliflower-appearing mass was protruding from the right nostril. A decision was made to try to surgically remove the mass using a direct approach through a nasal bone flap. Classic approach through the opening of the nostril was impossible due to the extent of the mass. The surgery was performed with the mare standing under sedation and regional anesthesia. The mass was approximately 30 cm by 7 cm and was described histologically as a nasal polyp. The mare made a full recovery, and there was no recurrence in the next three years after surgery.
doi:10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:2020.0049 fatcat:g6fplqw57rdwpajzt5wrqtjxjy