1867 The Lancet  
772 be locked securely. When closed, the cabinet might stand very well in any private consulting-room as a bookcase. It is i only necessary to open the upper front, unfolding the doors, and the ranges of bottles, the drawers containing the weights and measures, the tap for water, &c., are ready to hand. The price of the best cabinet is E26 10s. ; that of others made of deal, grained like oak, £18 10s. We happen to have had considerable experience of the unsuitability and objectionableness of "
more » ... urgeries" generally for accurate and comfortable dispensing, and are, therefore, the better able to appreciate Mr. Kidston's compact cabinet, which we advise our readers to inspect for themselves if they are dissatisfied with their present dispensaries, and if they wish to economise room or are on the point of fitting up a surgery. SAFETY LAMPS.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)58150-2 fatcat:zvydzwuwm5exxcdotuak7m3ljy