Piecewise Image Denoising with Multi-scale Block Region Detector based on Quadtree Structure
쿼드트리 기반의 다중 스케일 블록 영역 검출기를 통한 구간적 영상 잡음 제거 기법

Jeehyun Lee, Jechang Jeong
2015 Journal of Broadcast Engineering  
This paper presents a piecewise image denoising with multi-scale block region detector based on quadtree structure for effective image restoration. Proposed piecewise image denoising method suggests multi-scale block region detector (MBRD) by dividing whole pixels of a noisy image into three parts, with regional characteristics: strong variation region, weak variation region, and flat region. These regions are classified according to total pixels variation between multi-scale blocks and are
more » ... blocks and are applied principal component analysis with local pixel grouping, bilateral filtering, and structure-preserving image decomposition operator called relative total variation. The performance of proposed method is evaluated by Experimental results. we can observe that region detection results generated by the detector seems to be well classified along the characteristics of regions. In addition, the piecewise image denoising provides the positive gain with regard to PSNR performance. In the visual evaluation, details and edges are preserved efficiently over the each region; therefore, the proposed method effectively reduces the noise and it proves that it improves the performance of denoising by the restoration process according to the region characteristics.
doi:10.5909/jbe.2015.20.4.521 fatcat:5iw6n5swc5hofd4k2lntufww6a