Investigation on the performance improvement of an outer ring application on triple swirler combustor

Da Mo, AECC Shenyang Engine Research Institute, Junfeng Zhang, Yixiong Liu, Ming Cheng, Chengkai Zhang, Bin Wan, AECC Shenyang Engine Research Institute, AECC Shenyang Engine Research Institute, AECC Shenyang Engine Research Institute, AECC Shenyang Engine Research Institute, AECC Shenyang Engine Research Institute
2022 Proceedings of Global Power & Propulsion Society   unpublished
Triple swirler combustor has the characteristic of high temperature rise and wide range of operating stability, which has been well-accepted in fighters with high thrust-weight ratio. This paper proposed an outer ring implemented in the dome of the triple swirler combustor. The aim is to explore the combustor performance improvement of this structure. Numerical simulation was performed by Fluent with realizable k- ε turbulence model and PDF combustion model to investigate the flow
more » ... and combustion performance of the outer ring case. The obtained results were compared with the baseline combustor, including flow path, velocity, combustor efficiency, temperature distribution, and OTDF. The outer ring application has a positive effect on expanding the recirculation zone size and maintaining flame stability. Besides, the refined fuel droplets and reinforced atomization contributed to the shorter flame and combustion acceleration. Afterwards, a thorough description of the experimental devices and methods were presented. The tested smoke number and temperature distribution of the two combustors were compared to uncover the benefits of using the outer ring. The smoke number has effectively dropped to 15 with noticeable betterment for the fighter stealth performance. Additionally, the hot spot of the outlet has moved from the root to the desired region and would be beneficial for blade life extension. Moreover, simulations results were consistent with the experimental results and the combustion efficiency for the outer ring case reached 99.93%, 0.2% higher than the baseline. It proves that the designed outer ring shows enormous potential in improving the triple swirler combustor performance.
doi:10.33737/gpps21-tc-114 fatcat:kdv2bkrginhvzp7li26rzzksn4