Bridge Resistance Compensation for Noise Reduction in a Self-Balanced PHMR Sensor

Jaehoon Lee, Changyeop Jeon, Taehyeong Jeon, Proloy Taran Das, Yongho Lee, Byeonghwa Lim, CheolGi Kim
2021 Sensors  
Advanced microelectromechanical system (MEMS) magnetic field sensor applications demand ultra-high detectivity down to the low magnetic fields. To enhance the detection limit of the magnetic sensor, a resistance compensator integrated self-balanced bridge type sensor was devised for low-frequency noise reduction in the frequency range of 0.5 Hz to 200 Hz. The self-balanced bridge sensor was a NiFe (10 nm)/IrMn (10 nm) bilayer structure in the framework of planar Hall magnetoresistance (PHMR)
more » ... esistance (PHMR) technology. The proposed resistance compensator integrated with a self-bridge sensor architecture presented a compact and cheaper alternative to marketable MEMS MR sensors, adjusting the offset voltage compensation at the wafer level, and led to substantial improvement in the sensor noise level. Moreover, the sensor noise components of electronic and magnetic origin were identified by measuring the sensor noise spectral density as a function of temperature and operating power. The lowest achievable noise in this device architecture was estimated at ~3.34 nV/Hz at 100 Hz.
doi:10.3390/s21113585 pmid:34064121 fatcat:lhhjsbgn5vg25pknxiklhq272m