ESR-based Identification of Radiation-Induced Free Radicals in Gamma-Irradiated Basil and Clove Using Different Sample Pre-Treatments
감마선 조사된 바질과 정향의 전처리방법에 따른 ESR Spectra 판별 특성

Ji-Young Kwak, Jae-Jun Ahn, Kashif Akram, Joong-Ho Kwon
2012 Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition  
An improved detection of radiation-induced paramagnetic faults was developed to identify the irradiation status of basil and clove. The effectiveness of different sample pretreatments, including freeze-drying (FD), oven-drying (OD), alcoholic-extraction (AE), and water-washing and alcoholic-extraction (WAE), were examined. All non-irradiated samples showed a single central signal (g0=2.006), whereas radicals representing two additional side peaks (g1=2.023 and g2=1.986) with a mutual distance
more » ... 6 mT were detected in the irradiated samples. AE and WAE produced the best results for irradiated clove in terms of intensities of radiation-specific ESR signals and their ratios to the central signal. However, FD provided the highest intensities of radiation-specific ESR signals for basil, whereas their ratios to the major signal were better in the cases of AE and WAE. Signal noise, particularly due to Mn 2+ signals, was observed, whereas it decreased in AE and WAE pretreatments. Based on our results, AE and WAE can improve the detection conditions for radiation-specific ESR signals in irradiated samples.
doi:10.3746/jkfn.2012.41.10.1454 fatcat:pkuqjp5dtncsfgxqowt7tdzdk4