Ultra Stiffness And Ultra Low Wawing LM Guide

Marti Miret, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.)
The abstract porpoise is explain how is providing the LM Guide for high performance machine by realizing the waving of Nano-level and achieves super-low waving and ultra-high rigidity by adopting 8 rows of raceways in the LM Guide. These models adopt (1) 8 rows of raceways, (2) small-diameter balls and (3) super-long blocks, in order to realize super-low waving and ultra-high rigidity that surpass the conventional LM Guide. With this approach, the number of effective balls is substantially
more » ... substantially increased, and the amplitude of the rolling element in motion is minimized. The new models realize super-low waving comparable to hydrostatic guides. In addition, the deformation of the ball is minimized to achieve ultra-high rigidity that surpasses even roller guides. Primary applications Super-precision processing machines/High-precision machining centre/Lathe/Surface grinder/Semiconductor manufacturing equipment/FPD manufacturing machines/High-performance measuring machines. [Waving evaluation] The waving values are approximately 1/10 of that (100 to 300 nm) of conventional ordinary LM Guides.
doi:10.18429/jacow-medsi2016-mope20 fatcat:uaoitvc5lzbqtlbtikayl57n3u